Relco’s hot melt coater is used for a variety of industrial applications. These applications include footwear, leather and sporting goods. This cementing machine model is suitable for cementing parts by means of Hot Melt adhesive. Furthermore, operators can use a variety of adhesives with different characteristics by regulating the temperature settings to the adhesives’ specifications.

Technical Data
Cement Roller Width 150, 300, 450, 610 mm
Net Weight 152 kg
Motor Sizes 0,30 HP
Width 60 cm
Length 74 cm
Height 132 cm

Advantages of the hot melt coater include the following:

  • Variable speed when cementing
  • Adjustable roller height
  • Adjustable temperature for the adhesive tank
  • Separate temperature control for the roll coater
  • No cleaning required
  • Open time, subject to the adhesives’ characteristics

Also, a special device prevents the machine (during set-up or when the electric connections are different) from turning in the opposite direction than that of the rotation.