Product applications: leather splitting

Is your leather too thick or uneven for your manufacturing needs? This highly specialized leather splitter reduces thickness and evens out leather pieces with precision to suit your specific needs. Furthermore, Relco offers a wide range of various models made by Camoga and provided and serviced by Relco engineers.

Camoga manufactures a variety of essential leather splitting solutions. Additionally, Relco is highly experienced with leather thinning machinery, which performs a crucial process for the leather industry. This line of machines is ideal for manufacturing leather car interiors, footwear, handbags, luggage, sporting goods, and more. See below for product specifications for the Camoga C520 model.


  • No knife trend setting ••
  • Grinding unit
    1. suitable: for corundum or diamond wheels ••
    2. easy: single micrometric control ••
    3. flexible: fast setting of bevel width ••
  • Guide gibs group with automatic adjustment
  • Independent exhaustors for emery dust and working scraps
  • Moving wheel on precision roller guides ••
  • Working pressure fast adjustment ••
  • Optical viewer to check bevel symmetry
  • Digital thickness readout ••
  • Handbook and service tools
  • Ergonomic work position to reduce tiredness ••
  • Safety devices compliance with CE standards
  • Low noise level
  • Fast replacement Guide Roll/Guide Bar without removing joint ••
  • Access to all components for an easy and rapid maintenance
  • Life lubricated mechanical components

•• Features introduced by Camoga for the first time

Model C520 R C520 L
Feeding Speed 4 Ele-Mec Vario
Upper Feeding Standard Standard
Toe-Split No Standard
Working Pressure Mechanic Mechanic
Alarms Alphanumeric Touch Screen
Instructions & Messages Alphanumeric Touch Screen
Installed Power 3.0 kW 3.2 kW
Net Weight 635 kg 645 kg
Gross Weight 817 kg 827 kg
Machine Dimensions 1.6×1.1×1.3 1.6×1.1×1.3
Case Dimensions 1.75×1.2×1.45 1.75×1.2×1.45