Cutting systems for combined jobs. The several successful installations which brought us great experience in various production fields and processes, have considerably influenced the new twins design. The robust structure and the state-of-the-art electronics allowed to develop a modular cutting head capable to process material up to 50mm in thickness, with two main tools and some other optional devices, such as inkjet printer and camera to automatically acquire the shape reference points. The data related to modules setting can be automatically stored and reused to speed up the tool change operations with a considerable labor cost saving and remarkable cutting quality. available in a wide range of configurations, with static or conveyorized cutting surface, the twins cutting tables perfectly match with the most variable production needs.

FlashCut Twins 3026

Ideal for cutting materials of significant sizes.

FlashCut Twins 3020

Wider model for specific applications. The solution designed for the new material sizes.

FlashCut Twins 3015

The most classic and best-selling version. The best size for most applications.

FlashCut Twins 1515

Compact and powerful. Designed for those who want to get the best performance with the minimum amount of space.