The innovative conception of Atom Smart Press owes its strength to the fully integrated process of design, manufacturing, assembling and test that characterizes Atom group in the world. Atom conceives and manufactures the whole system: from hydraulics, to mechanics, to electronics, to software. Atom engineers have designed all of these machines. Accordingly, operating software have been designed simultaneously for absolute compatibility and full integration.

Relco Roller Press: Easy operation 
No special skills are required to operate the cutting press. Your current cutting press operators can use it. Machine programming and nesting may be carried out either locally or remotely from your production planning office. Cutting programs can be transferred through network or diskette. The work schedule automatically controls the press and tells the operators when to change materials and tools. Additionally, if your material width varies, or if rush jobs require immediate priority, the operator can instantly re-nest the schedule to accommodate this. Furthermore, standard cutting tools are fitted onto a simple steel carrier plate and are easily replaceable on the cutting head in less than 10 seconds.

Strong construction
These cutting presses are pure CNC machines, not manual presses retro-fitted with some automatic features. The construction of the presses, designed on the latest CAD systems, is the most robust and rigid available.

Simple belt change
This unique feature reduces downtime and allows for complete in-house maintenance.

Unrivaled Algorithms
The nesting software gives the best material utilization and fastest cutting speeds available.

The Relco HD Roller Press is the perfect machine for large scale full-hide leather cutting. Nesting the whole hide before cutting helps to ensure the best yields and multiple stations per machine ensure high throughput. The roller press is a staple in the Automotive, Apparel and Upholstery sectors.
The Relco Roller Press system has achieved  the World Standard for Automotive Seating leather cutting. It cuts whole hides in a single pass as opposed to multi-stage hydraulic cutting. Simply put, with its high yields, high labour efficiency and low energy consumption, this machine meets and exceeds even the most rigorous standards.
Relco’s team of Engineers have shown  our commitment to excellence time and again through decades of first-to-market breakthroughs in Roller Press design. A Relco engineer has participated in nearly all machine installations, which ensures an immediate response to production floor challenges.
Unlike a Hydraulic Pump which runs constantly, the Relco Roller Press only runs during the cutting cycle. Our Engineers have also introduced many innovative features to the device. These features minimize air consumption and increase the life span of cutting boards and cutting dies.
The Relco Roller Press has a very precise cutting system which ensures a clean cut with minimum wear on cutting pads and dies. The control system is very easy to use. The ease of use virtually eliminates the probability of operator error.