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Roll Coater with Double Feedrollers

Click to enlarge image We at RELCO Inc. have redesigned the ROLL COATER in order to significantly reduce the time spent to clean the leather that has been in contact with a liquid adhesive and reduce manufacturing cost.

In order to feed the thin parts through the machine the top driving rubber roller should be set very close to the steel coating roller. Because of this small gap the top rubber roller becomes prematurely contaminated transferring the liquid adhesive to the clean surface of the following parts.

Through redesign, the ROLL COATER now has two rubber feed rollers located in such a way that the thin leather parts are forced to bend over the coating roller.

This change will allow the operator to set up the top driving rollers at a bigger distance to the coating roller (3 ~ 5 times bigger), totally avoiding contamination but offering a firm grip for feeding the parts.

Please take a few minutes to watch the attached video and see how we can rebuild your existing ROLL COATER or offering you a new upgraded one to enjoy this latest development.

[VIDEO]: Roll Coater with Double Feedrollers - 10.0MB - 2 min. 47 sec.

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Hot Melt Roll Coaters

Technical Data
Cement Roller Width150, 300, 450, 610 mm
Net Weight152 kg
Motor Sizes0,30 HP
Width60 cm
Length74 cm
Height132 cm

This cementing machine model is suitable for cementing parts by means of Hot Melt adhesive. It is used in a variety of industrial applications as well as for footwear, leather and sporting goods. A variety of adhesives with different characteristics can be used by regulating the temperature settings to the adhesives' specifications.

Advantages include the following:
  • Variable speed when cementing
  • Adjustable roller height
  • Adjustable temperature for the adhesive tank
  • Separate temperature control for the roll coater
  • No cleaning
  • Open time, subject to the adhesives' characteristics
A special device also prevents the machine (during set-up or when the electric connections are different) from turning in the opposite direction then that of rotation.

Cold Adhesive Roll Coaters

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Model Roll Width Ventilation Variable Speed
BAF/10 100 mm no no
BAF/10A 100 mm yes no
BAF/41A 410 mm yes no
BAF/41AV 410 mm yes yes
BAF/61A 610 mm yes no
BAF/61AV 610 mm yes yes

Very simple and efficient machines for glueing leather, imitation leather, automotive and industrial fabrics, card-board, etc. The Machines come equipt with an ventilation extractor to eliminate latex vapours. In addition, the machines are available with a variable speed feed roller.

Motor: 220/3/60 Volts

Glue: Pure Latex